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Developed exclusively for EKO Products, our software and apps are designed to help you manage, maintain and get the most out of your sensor.

S-Series Pyranometer Software


Hibi for Windows OS is a new way to access and manage the S-Series family of ISO 9060:2018 Class A, B and C pyranometers, from the elite MS-80S Class A to the more cost-effective MS-60S Class B, and MS-40S Class C. Simply connect your computer to your S-Series pyranometer and with Hibi you can check the onboard diagnostics, visualise your data, and choose your desired output; digital Modbus or SDI-12, and analog 4-20mA or 0-1V.

Download Hibi

MS-711 Spectroradiometer Software


Nami has been developed exclusively to assist with measuring and processing the data acquired by EKO's MS-711 Spectroradiometer.

Nami can be used to control and perform measurements with the MS-711 Spectroradiometer, with or without the RSB-01 Shadow Band accessory, and analyse the gathered data.

Download Nami

MS-730 Handheld Spectroradiometer Software


Niji is an Android-only mobile application developed exclusively for the EKO MS-730 Portable Spectroradiometer.

The MS-730 is compact, lightweight, capable of multifunctional and highly accurate spectroscopic measurements, and can measure the intensity of artificial light sources from the visible to the near-infrared range.

Niji, when connected to the MS-730, can be used to collect, record, calculate and display measurements on your Android device and is available to download from the Google Play Store.

Download Niji for Android

Sensor Converter Configurator

EKO Sense

EKO Sense for EKO Signal Converters, the MC-11, MC-12, MC-20, and M-Box, A-Box configurations, is a Windows OS programme that enables users to check and change their converter settings and advanced sensor parameters.

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