Brand Toolkit

Guidelines and resources for colleagues, partners, and distributors

Brand Guidelines

We have created these guidelines to help share and clarify the proper use of our logos and other brand assets.

Contact our Design Team for support, approvals, and questions about our brand.

Legal Notice

EKO Instruments reserves the right to terminate, revoke, modify, or otherwise change permission to use our brand assets at any time.

We also expressly reserve the right to object to any use or misuse of our brand assets in any jurisdiction worldwide.


Additional Resources

Product Kits

'Product Kits' have been prepared for many EKO products. Contents vary but may include the following resources:

  • Product Sheet (PDF)
  • Specification Sheet (PDF)
  • Product Photos (JPG/PNG)
  • Standard Product Presentation (PPT)
  • Key Message Sheet (PDF)
  • Product Documentation (i.e. Manuals)
  • Videos

If you are a partner or distributor and can't find the information and resources you need on the appropriate product page, please get in touch with your local EKO office or representative.

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Product Images

Every product page includes at least one product image, but please let us know if you need more or use case-type images.

Alternatively, we are always happy to receive use case images featuring EKO products. If you have any that you would like to share, we will be sure to credit you or your organisation online and on social media.

If you would like to request a product image, please contact your local EKO office or representative.

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Our logo is a key part of our brand, so we always want it to look its best.

Our brand guidelines, available to download on this page, explain the most important rules about using our logo.

If you are a partner or distributor and need a copy of our logo for a project or presentation with specific dimensions, for example, please let us know.  

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We regularly produce videos in English and Japanese about our products, services and life at EKO.

Follow us on YouTube to stay up-to-date and explore our channel for a range of films you can embed on your website or in presentations.

If you have questions about our videos or any requests, please contact your local EKO office or representative.

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