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A Message from the President.

Our goal is to continue leading our industry, working with customers and partners to develop the most accurate instruments in the world, the solutions they need, and exciting new innovations.

During my career, I have seen and experienced many cultural and technological changes in the world, but none more exciting, with more potential benefit and consequence, than what we see now.

The shift from fossil fuels to renewable energy is nothing short of a revolution, a once in a century opportunity to help usher in a new era of sustainability, environmental awareness, and climate action.

At EKO Instruments, we design and develop scientific instruments, systems, and sensors used worldwide for climate and environmental research. Already, our products play a critical role in the success of large-scale renewable, solar and wind power projects. As we approach our centenary as a company, we are determined to do more.

We are also committing to the next 100-years through our EMPOWER programme, supporting the next generation of scientists, designers, and engineers to achieve their goals, advance their ideas, and build a better, more sustainable, future.



EKO Instruments was founded in 1927 in Osaka, Japan.

Now headquartered in Tokyo with offices in the United States and Europe, EKO continues to grow, supporting environmental research and renewable energy projects through continuous innovation, industry-leading turn-key solutions, and an uncompromising commitment to quality.

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In 2027 EKO Instruments will celebrate its 100th anniversary and a century of innovation, progress, and success.

The 2027/100 Vision & Mission statements keep that history in mind even as we turn to face the next 100-years of EKO, our responsibilities as a company, and the role each of us plays in shaping that future.

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EKO | EMPOWER is our commitment to the next generation of scientists, designers, students and engineers around the world; young people working to imagine, invent, and create innovative new solutions to seemingly impossible challenges.

Through technical partnerships, support, and the provision of industry-leading environmental instruments, EKO | EMPOWER will help them achieve their goals, advance their ideas, and build a better, more sustainable, future.

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EKO Instruments Co., Ltd is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, with a separate sales office in Osaka and comprises two primary business units.

The Environmental Instruments Division designs, develops, manufactures and sells the highest-quality scientific instruments for a range of meteorological and renewable energy industry applications.

The Material Characterisation & Analysis Division imports a range of research and quality assurance products into Japan for various industries and applications, including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.   

EKO Instruments USA Inc. and EKO Instruments Europe B.V. in the Netherlands opened in 2005 and 2008, respectively, bringing EKO products and services closer to customers worldwide.

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