In 2027 EKO Instruments will celebrate its 100th anniversary. A century of innovation, progress, and success. The 2027/100 Vision & Mission statements keep that history in mind even as we turn to face the next 100-years of EKO, our responsibilities as a company, and the role each of us plays in shaping that future.

Toshikazu Hasegawa, President, EKO Instruments


From the first solo, nonstop transatlantic flight in 1927, the year our company was founded in Osaka, Japan, to the first powered flight on another planet in 2021 with NASA's Ingenuity helicopter on Mars, EKO has survived and thrived in a rapidly changing world.

Now, in 2022, the challenges we face are global. The COVID-19 pandemic, the Climate Crisis, and each of the social, economic, and environmental issues touched on by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These challenges are bigger than any single organisation or nation, and as a company, we believe that we share a responsibility to do whatever we can to address them.

Our history and expertise in developing high-quality scientific instruments means that we are well-positioned to support the growth and development of solar power and renewable energy as countries worldwide strive to end their reliance on fossil fuels, achieve NetZero, or grow their economies sustainably.

These statements are a product of our history. More than that, they are a commitment, a promise, to ourselves, our customers, and the future.

Vision 2023/100

Lead with commitment, inspire with innovation, and engineer solutions for a more sustainable world.

MISSION 2023/100

Enhance our legacy of quality by developing industry-leading sensors, instruments, and solutions that make global sustainability and our customers goals achievable.


WHY 2027/100?

EKO Instruments was founded in 1927.

Today, our company is a global family, larger, more diverse, and more secure than at any other time in our history, with unique strengths and ever greater opportunities.

Together, as we approach our centenary, we have the chance to define a positive new vision for EKO, our industry, and our broader role in the world.

Our Vision & Mission, while focusing on this significant milestone in our history, is also intended to prepare us for the future, our next century --- starting in 2027.


Our Vision provides direction and inspiration, setting out our most important goals. It outlines how we want to help people, the value we seek to offer to the world, and what we hope to achieve as a business.


The mission statement explains what we will do to make our vision a reality. It acts as a roadmap for all employees, with principles that guide our decision making, our day-to-day work, and priorities.


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