NEW MS-80SH Class A Pyranometer

NEW MS-80SH Class A Pyranometer with Integrated Dome Heating Now Available

Lowest power consumption of any ISO 9060:2018 Class A & IEC 61724-1:2021 Class A monitoring compliant pyranometer with dome heating

EKO Instruments Co., Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan) have announced the global launch of the MS-80SH, the next iteration in the company's industry-leading MS-80 series of Class A pyranometers, with a new energy-efficient integrated solid-state dome heating system for active dew and frost resistance.

Designed for photovoltaic system performance monitoring, scientific research, and industrial applications, the original MS-80 pyranometer with a compact single dome, isolated thermopile detector and Quartz diffusor technology, set new industry standards on launch in 2016. 'Fast-response' and 'spectrally flat', with unprecedented low zero-offset behaviour, and a 5-year recalibration interval, the MS-80 remains one of the best-in-class sensors for accuracy, speed and reliability.

The MS-80S, introduced in 2019, added internal diagnostic sensors for remote visibility over internal temperature, humidity, tilt and roll angle; and Level A EMI/EMC electronic surge filters. Together, these features help ensure optimum sensor performance without regular physical checks, an ideal solution for photovoltaic systems, hard-to-reach locations, and monitoring stations with restricted access.

"The MS-80 is best in class and continues to hold the top spot against other Class A Pyranometers thanks to superior build quality and industry-beating accuracy", explained Kees Hoogendijk, Managing Director of EKO Instruments Europe. "With the MS-80S, we developed features that made it easier to use, deploy, maintain, and access your data. Now, with the MS-80SH, we've gone even further".

The MS-80SH, built on the patented design of the MS-80 and the advanced diagnostics and features of the MS-80S, adds a high-efficiency, solid-state integrated dome heating system. Configured via EKO's free-to-download 'Hibi' app, the new heating system is designed to actively resist the build-up of dew and frost on the sensor dome, compliant with IEC 61724-1:2021 Class A monitoring.

Speaking about the launch of the MS-80SH, President of EKO Instruments, Toshikazu Hasegawa, highlighted the high efficiency of the dome heating system in the new sensor. "The maximum power consumption of the MS-80SH is less than 1.4W, significantly lower than any other Class A pyranometer with an integrated dome heating system and can be toggled on or off in the app, giving our customers full control… it's the most reliable and energy-efficient sensor we have ever produced, perfectly suited to any application relying on unbeatable accuracy and value for money".

EKO is accepting orders for the MS-80SH now and expects to start shipping the first units from its production laboratory in Tokyo to customers around the world this quarter (Q3-2022).

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