Next-Generation UVA & UVB Radiometers

Introducing the MS-10S and MS-11S 

Setting a new standard in UV irradiance monitoring, the MS-10S UVA and MS-11S UVB radiometers with integrated transducers deliver precise temperature correction, outstanding stability, superior UV measurement range and unbeatable response times.

Part of EKO’s elite S-Series range of solar monitoring solutions, these sensors also include a unique 4-channel smart interface compatible with 99% of data loggers, DAQ, and SCADA systems. And internal diagnostic sensors for remote visibility over internal temperature, humidity, tilt and roll angle, ensuring optimum performance with reduced maintenance costs.

With a compact and lightweight design based on EKO’s universal sensor platform, the MS-10S and MS-11S are easy to manage, tough, reliable, and an industry-leading option for material testing, medical research and industrial field monitoring applications.


Visit the MS-10S and MS-11S Product Pages for more information, or get in touch with us to learn more!


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