MS-80SH Wins PV Magazine 2022 BOS Award

EKO Instruments’ MS-80SH Class A Pyranometer has been selected, by an independent jury, as the winner in the Balance of System (BOS) category in PV Magazine’s 2022 Awards.

Each year, PV magazine gathers together the biggest and most exciting innovations in the solar and storage industries. To select award winners, they assembled expert juries with representatives from throughout the solar world.

This year, more than 200 hopefuls across seven categories shared their latest innovations related to Battery Energy Storage Systems, Balance of System, Inverters, Manufacturing, Modules and Sustainability.

The selection criteria range from:

  • Efficacy of the solution: What problem does it solve for the industry? How well does it do this?
  • USP: How does the approach differ from other solutions in the same market segment? 
  • Economic feasibility and market impact: How significant is the market impact and how does it contribute to reducing costs or improving quality in the solar/storage industries?

The Balance of System (BOS) category encompasses all components of a photovoltaic system other than the photovoltaic panels. This can include wiring, switches, mounting systems, and solar irradiance sensors, like the MS-80SH. It’s through these components that we’re able to control cost, increase efficiency, and modernize solar PV systems.

The integrated dome heating system in the MS-80SH is the most power-efficient in any Class A pyranometer and gives full control to users to toggle the function on/off via our proprietary Hibi Software. In developing the MS-80SH, we set out to create a sensor that surpasses competing pyranometers in the market and exceeds EKO’s award-winning ISO 9060:2018 fast-response and spectrally flat Class A MS-80 and MS-80S.

Now, the MS-80SH proudly joins this star-studded lineup of industry-leading pyranometers. With its <1.4W total power consumption high-efficiency dome heating, our state-of-the-art thermopile detector and quartz diffusor technology, S-Series internal diagnostics, superior low zero-offset behaviour, surge protection, digital Modbus 485 RTU and SDI-12 interfaces, a 5-year warranty, and industry-first 5-year calibration interval, the MS-80SH is ideal for any application relying on value, accuracy, speed and reliability.

A physical trophy for the BOS Award was presented in person, at a ceremony taking place during the 2023 World Future Energy Summit event in Abu Dhabi.

We would like to extend a big thank you to PV Magazine for this award, and look forward to continuing to deliver on our mission to enhance our legacy of quality by developing industry-leading sensors, instruments, and solutions that make global sustainability and our customers’ goals achievable.

To learn more about pyranometer dome heating, and the benefits of the MS-80SH, click here

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